Wegscheid Family
Brad Wegscheid

For a complete list of family tree needs download this PDF www.wegscheid.net/tree.pdf.

If your internet connection is dial-up or you need a portable version of the family tree for when you do not have an internet connection I can send you a CD of exactly what you see here on the web. Let me know if you would like a CD by using the contact info below. You just have to pay postage and packaging. We are talking under $2. I can also send you high res versions of most all the old images used. This way you can get prints made of old family photos you don't have and have them framed for your own home.

This family tree was started using the information collected by Elsie (Wegscheid) Schultz for the all family reunion in 2003. Thank you very much Elsie for getting this new family tree off to a running start. I am sure I have misplaced some children in multiple spouse marriages, please help me fix these. Elsie is the grand daughter of Gregor and Susan and the daughter of Leonard and Lorene Wegscheid. Leonard and Lorene just celebrated 70 years of marriage!

This family tree is a mere beginning. Getting pictures of everyone is the greatest benefit of having this electronic family tree all can use and share. This interactive family tree can hold so much more information that any previous family tree we have had could easily do. I look forward to all your pictures additions and corrections so we can make this family tree as complete and useful as possible.

What we are greatly lacking and I would love to add is:
-Parental and sibling information on Gregor (does anyone have anything?)
-Mug shots of everyone
-Wedding photos
-Family portraits
-Birth places city & state
-Death places city & state
-Burial information including obits and marker location (obits can be text or scans from newspapers)
-We are missing a ton of middle names
-All information about the parents and siblings of those who have married into the family.
-We can also add baptism dates, graduation dates, education, occupation… pretty much anything you want. Some newspaper clippings from special events would be great to add to the personal galleries each person can have (see the Eugene Wegscheid branch for examples as it is currently the most complete). I can turn you private so your information is in the family tree database but not on the web.

Brad Wegscheid
Great grandson of Gregor and Susan Wegscheid
Grandson of Eugene and Kathryn Wegscheid
Eldest son of Bernard and Bernice Wegscheid

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